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Arcadia Red Cross Club


Today we had members running for an office give speeches and everyone voted. Interview is Tuesday, and don't forget there's a Red Cross Banquet on Thursday! Please come to support :) Next week will be our last meeting... :( it has come to an end so quickly. We hope you will all be there, because that is the day we will announce the winners for the offices and pass out hours. 



Applications for officers were due today. No late applications will be accepted. If you are running, please prepare a speech for next Monday under two minutes. Members will also be voting after these speeches so keep in mind who you would like for your officer team next year. The next day, on Tuesday, there will be an interview process so if you're running, it is mandatory you go. It will take place from 3:15 to probably 5:00 at the Arcadia Red Cross Chapter, snacks and drinks will be provided. Following that week, there is a banquet Thursday the 19th at the Arcadia Red Cross Chapter, so be sure to come and have fun!

The 23rd will be our last Red Cross meeting of the year. :( It's come to an end so quickly, but we'll still make the best of it! We will be throwing a party for you guys with food and drinks so come! Officer results will also be announced on that day, so if you were running and you don't go... then there will be consequences. Just kidding. Not really. 

If you make the officer team, it's essential you attend Relay For Life on June 25-26 so keep those days clear. We also encourage members to sign up for this event. Just go here to join our team now. :)



Sorry for not having updated the site in a while. So we are going to have officer elections very soon. Today we passed out the applications and if you did not receive one since we ran out, you can email Amy at

 Please note that if you are trying out for a position, you must be able to attend meetings at the Arcadia Red Cross Chapter next year. These meetings are every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 5:00-6:00. 

The voting process is based on both the members' vote as well as the officers', except our votes are weighted because we don't want this to end up as a popularity contest. Some officers are also rerunning so best of luck to everyone! 



Today, we basically went over the events for Japan again. More details are in the Calendar section so check that out. We also talked about Relay For Life in more detail and you can support by going to Subway and telling them the code ACS2, and some of the funds will go to our account. If you want to stay over night and get a T-shirt, try to raise 100 dollars, but if you only plan on going during daytime, you don't have to pay the fee. You should ask your friends to go with you and stay over night because it's lots of fun! And you can get 24 hours. :)

Officer elections are also coming up. Remember you must have attended at least two events to qualify for elections, club membership, and to receive your hours. Since we have so many events for Japan coming up as well as the dance, they would be a good chance for you to fulfill this requirement.  Applications will probably be given the week we come back from break. The voting process is based off the member's vote as well as the officer's vote, but our votes will be weighted. Today we each briefly introduced ourselves and our position and what we do. Stay tuned for more information!



It's been a while since we've had an actual meeting. As you all know, Japan recently had a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and we are trying as best as we can to help fundraise for the cause. So, we have many upcoming events.  You can go to the Sierra Madre Memorial Park on March 25 from 5:30 – 7:30, La Verne on March 31 from 5-9 pm, Monrovia on April 1 from 5-9 pm, and Garfield Park on April 10 at 6pm. The locations will be in the calendar, but not all of them are decided yet. 

We will also start fundraising for Relay for Life and if you're interested in staying overnight, you should try to fundraise 100 dollars. You should tell your friends to come and sleep over because it's a really fun and enjoyable experience!



 On Tuesday we will be having our picture day for yearbook as well as wear red day :D So please support Red Cross by wearing red and come to the bleachers at 4:00 so that you'll be in the yearbook! This week we are also selling measles pins to help fundraise for measles. For each pin you sell, someone can get vaccinated for measles! On March 7 we will also be going around classrooms during 4th period to promote Red Cross and get donations since this month is Red Cross month. Members who signed up will be giving brief speeches in pairs to various classrooms and handing out buckets to fundraise. Classes that earn 100 dollars or more get a pizza party, and 70 dollars gets donuts, so encourage your homeroom to donate! 



Happy Valentine's Day! We passed out jelly today for the fundraiser today. From Tuesday - Thursday, we will be at D-9 after school so if you need a new bucket or want to give us the money, come after school. We'll be there for about 10 min so try not to come too late. This Saturday is also Meals on Wheels so if you are attending, remember it's from 3-4 and the address is in the Calendar section.

Since March is Red Cross month, we're also planning to have an event like Wear Red day on March 1st so help support. We'll also have a bucket fundraiser where we'll use the lychee buckets and place them in every room to fund raise money. Classes that earn 100 dollars will get a pizza party and donuts are for classes that earn 75 dollars. Help out in your homeroom class!



During today's meeting, we talked about upcoming events. Meals on Wheels will be on February 19th at Country Villa: Huntington Drive Healthcare Center, the address is under the Calendar section. Next week we will also be having our Lychee Fundraiser and for each bucket you sell, you get half an hour! There will also be a lot more events coming up in March since it's Red Cross month so stay tuned!



It's a new semester and I hope everyone did well on their finals! :) But to get back on track, we have many events coming up. First off is this Thursday, there is the Relay for Life kickoff event at Dave and Busters from 6-8 p.m. The first 25 people who come get free food, free raffle prizes, and free game cards so be sure to come! Relay for Life is an event in June where we walk around the track to help raise money for cancer. Start raising money for it now!

Red Cross is also going to have a jello lychee fundraiser, but we're going to sell the assorted kinds. This event will take place February 14-18 and members who want to participate will get envelopes on February 14th during the lunch meeting. 

 We will also be finishing up the Meals on Wheels we started several weeks ago so there's another volunteering opportunity.  Lastly, we are  planning to have a dance with Youth Corps and we're still deciding the location. 



Happy New Year! The first meeting of this year :D Today, we passed out polos and we might still have some extra, but they're all medium. If you're interested, come talk to us. We also started our second Meals on Wheels and so far they're looking beautiful! Keep up the great work! And since this month is shortened due to finals and dead week, we will not be having as many events.



Thanks for coming to the Christmas Food Packaging! We packaged more than 1000 boxes for needy families! You guys really made a difference in many, many lives. :)

Pictures are uploaded. :D



Hey guys! Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Christmas Food Packaging event. Remember to go to the Arcadia Arboretum for the event. An officer will be outside with a sign in sheet. Also, remember to wear red (like a spirit shirt!) Have an awesome winter break! :D

Pictures from last week's events are uploaded.



Last RCC meeting of 2010! Thanks so much for a great year and for making our events a success. Hope you guys liked the pizza and the last minute ASB picture. xD Happy holidays and see you next year!



It's already December and the year's almost over! There are a few more events before our break including the Winter Preview and Christmas caroling this Saturday. Next meeting is our last meeting and we may have a surprise for you guys so be sure to come! And also, Christmas food packaging is next Saturday. And thank you to those who came to the Christmas party, it was really fun ^-^



Today we just went over upcoming activities such as the Christmas Caroling and the Winter Preview, both of which are on December 11. Christmas Caroling is from 3-4 while Winter Preview is from 1-4. This upcoming Saturday is also the joint Christmas party with Red Cross Club and the Youth Corp :). Please bring a present because we will be playing White Elephant. It is from 4-7 at the Arcadia Red Cross Chapter, which is right next to the Methodist Hospital. Food and games will be provided! :D Come have fun.



On Monday, we just went over upcoming events like the Meals on Wheels that was today and the upcoming Christmas Food Packaging. We may also be having Christmas Caroling at the Methodist Hospital so please look forward to that! :)



In case you do not know how to get to the Arboretum, here are directions:

Directions to the Arboretum from AHS

See you there. Please email questions or concerns to :D



Today's bonding game :D Thank you guys for coming. We have a lot of upcoming events so be sure to remember when and where to go. Please wear a red shirt so that we know you are in our club since the polos have not come yet. And money for polo shirts were due today. 

 -Wednesday 11/17 is the Campus Cleanup. Meet after school at ASB office

-Saturday 11/20 is the Thanksgiving Food Packaging. There are two shifts, 9-12 and 12-2. Arrive on time at the Arboretum.

-Tuesday 11/23 is the Meals on Wheels delivery to the Methodist Hospital. Meet at D-9 after school.

-Saturday 12/18 is the Christmas Food Packaging. It's still far off but just a reminder!



Today, we continued with creating the goodie bags for the senior citizens. We made cards for them based on the templates that our wonderful president made. Props to Amy! :) Just a reminder, we do not need the emergency contact forms anymore for either the November or December food packaging. We are turning in a single form with all our names on them. Also, we do not have a quote from the shirt company yet, so until then, we will not be collecting any money for shirts. Thanks and see you all next week!

Few more general reminders:

-Remember to throw away all trash outside Mr. Marston's room.

-Turn in application forms and a $5 membership fee as soon as possible, please.

-Make sure you sign in to get your hours.

-Have fun! :)



It's already been a month! Today was fun, putting in candy for the treat bags. We are thinking of delivering them two weeks from now and we would like to walk to the place as a whole group :) It is too late to sign up for the Thanksgiving food packaging, but you can still sign up for the Christmas one! And you can also participate in the campus clean up on Wednesday, November 17 after school. If you are interested, meet up at the ASB office. Membership applications are also due next week so please turn them in if you already haven't! We also will not be needing emergency contact forms since we will just use the information from the membership applications. Thank you all for coming.



Happy Halloween! Send in your Halloween pictures to our email,



Thank you guys for coming and participating the Meals on Wheels. It was fun for us all making the pumpkin crafts and they turned out really nice, even though it was a little hectic. Please come again next week because we will be putting treats inside each bag. We also plan on delivering them to the senior citizens. Upcoming events include the Foothills Unity Center food packaging. These are taking place on November 20 and December 18 and today was the last day to sign up. For those who signed up and did not turn in membership applications yet, we will post up a link to emergency contact forms shortly, and you need to fill them out to attend the food packaging. Please turn them in by next week or your membership application!



Thank you all for coming despite the small room. Today, we discussed upcoming events such as volunteering at the Foothill Unity Center for food packaging, Meals on Wheels where we decorate and make treat bags for senior citizens, and writing soldier cards to thank those fighting for our country. We will inform you the dates as soon as we get them! We may also be having a fundraiser coming up soon (selling Lychee jelly?) and if you guys have any other ideas, you may tell us or post on the guestbook. (: And, this month is Make a Difference Month so try to make a difference in our society whether it be something small like recycling or even donating to a charity! Scroll down for the membership application.



Sorry for those who were interested in attending the AIDS Walk, but we are unable to attend. 



Today was the first meeting of the year!

We're so glad so many of you came, but we apologize for all the inconveniences due to the large number of people. Today, we went over a brief overview of upcoming events, our purpose, and what our club is about. Red Cross Club has many volunteering events where we help others, but we also have First Aid and CPR classes so you can be certified! The Chapter also hosts Blood Drives periodically so we will inform you guys when they come. Coming up on October 17 is the AIDS Walk, but we are not sure if we can still attend this event due to certain circumstances.Thank you all for coming and please come again next week.

Below are the applications to become a member. Please include your email on the forms so we can contact you.

Red Cross Application.doc 

Fill out the form and turn and attach $5 for membership. For those who are interested in a Red Cross polo, you must pay an additional $8 and mark your size.  (S  M  L)


07/11/10 -

Hello fellow Red Cross members!

This is Arcadia Red Cross Club's official website and information will be updated here as well as our Facebook page. Please sign up or join the Facebook group to stay informed.  

We're looking forward to meeting and getting to know you this year!